Make your best “Choice” for: Savings, response, reliability, protection, care, and safety. Service not selling. These plans offer the BEST and most AFFORDABLE options to avoid costly repair, replacement, loss of comfort, inconvenience, or loss of safety. These plans are like SMOKE ALARMS, helping to prevent major problems of putting the fire out before it becomes a catastrophe.


  • Front-of-the-line-pass
  • Member card discounts
  • Safer home… electric and gas
  • Great Value
  • Special Offers
  • Home service updates
  • Energy Savings (First Choice Maintenance Level 2)
  • Comfort (First Choice Maintenance Level 2)
  • Investment Protection (First Choice Maintenance Level 2)
  • Convenience of us calling you (First Choice Maintenance Level 1 or First Choice Maintenance Level 2)

First Choice Maintenance Level 1 Membership

Safety inspection… 20% discount on scheduled service and repair. 10% discount on major equipment. FRONT OF THE LINE SERVICE.

First Choice Maintenance Level 2 Membership

ALL benefits of FIRST CHOICE MAINTENANCE LEVEL 1 PLUS: scheduled service to protect the system – extends its life, gains peak energy efficiency, keeps it clean, includes up to 2 pounds of refrigerant, filters, and thermocouple.

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